LEAKED VIDEO: Meek Mill & Travis Scott Get Into Argument At Hamptons Party!

Michael Rubin had this big 4th of July all-white party in the Hamptons and anyone who is anyone was there! It literally was nothing but big name celebrities walking around in their all white fits. From the pictures on social media it definitely looked like it was all just a good time, a fun 4th of July celebration..but here's where it gets messy.. someone leaked a video of what allegedly is Meek Mill and Travis Scott in a heated verbal altercation!!

You can't actually see who is involved or who is doing all the hootin' & hollerin' but it definitely sounds like Meek Mill..and you can clearly hear the Travis Scott name drop several times towards the end!

It's unclear what everyone was so upset about, but the rumor is that the argument started by an issue between Meek and one of Travis' associates.

Photo: Getty

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