Oregon Lottery Honored For Responsible Gaming Programs

The World Lottery Association (WLA) has once again recognized the Oregon Lottery with the highest certification level for its Responsible Gaming programs. 

The WLA Level Four certification is the highest level of responsible gaming certification recognized internationally, and the Oregon Lottery was one of the first eight lotteries in the United States to reach this level. 

Submissions are reviewed by the WLA’s international panel of corporate social responsibility experts. The WLA Independent Assessment Panel [IAP] recognized the quality of the Oregon Lottery Responsible Gaming programs, and the positive efforts and creative approach adopted and maintained over the last three years. 

“This Level 4 recertification by the World Lottery Association recognizes the Oregon Lottery’s best-in-class responsible and problem gambling programs,” said Barry Pack, director of the Oregon Lottery. “Our commitment to responsible gaming is deeply embedded in every aspect of our business.”

Lotteries that receive a WLA Level Four certification must demonstrate that responsible gaming principles are part of day-to-day operations and that they are continuously strengthening efforts to promote responsibility among players. 

The WLA is recognized as the global authority on the lottery business. It serves the interests of 152 state-authorized lotteries world-wide and gaming organizations from more than 80 countries on six continents. 

The WLA’s Responsible Gaming Principles and Framework is a certification program that outlines lotteries’ level of commitment to corporate social responsibility and responsible gaming. The WLA’s Responsible Gaming Principles and Framework allows for cultural and regional differences and is designed to complement and improve the safeguards that individual lottery operators have in place. 

The 10 program elements are: Research, Employee Program, Retailer Program, Game Design, Remote Gaming Channels, Advertising and Marketing Communications, Player Education, Treatment Referral, Reporting and Measurement and Stakeholder Engagement.

Source: Oregon Lottery

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