Trail Blazers Introduce New Mascot

Photo: Ford, Brad

Photo: Portland Trail Blazers

Emerging from the forests of the Pacific Northwest and onto the basketball court, the Portland Trail Blazers and Blaze the Trail Cat are proud to unveil their latest discovery; Douglas Fur, the elusive big foot.

Since 1904, Oregonians have reported thousands of sightings of a creature looming amongst the evergreen trees. Of which could never be confirmed until the 1980’s when Rip City witnessed one of the first public big foot appearances by Douglas’s long-lost extroverted relative amidst the crowd at Veterans Memorial Coliseum. Keeping himself hidden, Douglas has been living amongst the vast acres of Douglas fir trees in Forest Park and navigating over 80 miles of hiking trails, while naturally blending in with other un-shaven local hikers and explorers camouflaged in true hipster outdoor attire.   

For years, Douglas watched on as Trail Blazers fans and friends visited some of his favorite Portland spots like the Oregon Zoo, Pittock Mansion, and the Japanese Gardens. Douglas, too shy to ever make himself known, decided to fill his days by playing solitaire, eating his favorite vegan dishes, and drinking cold brew. While distracted gathering sap for his latest craft brew creation, Douglas was discovered by Blaze the Trail Cat. Blaze instantly befriended the timid big foot, nicknaming him “Douggy”, and showed him how fun basketball can be.  

With the help of his new best friend Blaze, Douggy has decided he’s ready to roam amongst the people and has selected Rip City as his new home! Blaze and Douggy are thrilled to take on Moda Center together and cheer on the Portland Trail Blazers.  

As Blaze makes Douggy comfortable in his new home, Douggy will soon be available for future opportunities to be seen in Rip City. Until then, fans can find local collaborations with Douggy in and outside Moda Center with his life-sized wooden carving on the 300 level in Kid City and his very own limited-edition BIKETOWN Bikes around Portland. Douggy would like to thank the North American Big Foot Center of Boring, Oregon for their collaboration in teaching the Trail Blazers Team and fans all about Big Foot!  

To learn more about Douglas Fur, fans can visit and follow his adventures @douggyfur on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  

Source: Portland Trail Blazers

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