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California Woman With Pickaxe Attacks House

Like a scene out of a horror flick, a 65 year old woman in Pasadena was caught on security camera marching up a driveway with a pickaxe over her shoulder then smashing windows.

According to Fox40, the homeowner's "mother-in-law was watching his newborn daughter, who was sleeping in a bassinet near the front window, when the attacker smashed it with a pickaxe, sending shattered glass everywhere."

Even thought the grandmother grabbed the baby from beneath the window just before it was shattered, it wasn’t the end of the assault.

Beverly Baker was identified as the attacker who returned several times over the course of a few minutes.

The security footage shows Beverly with her pickaxe yelling, “Questions? Questions, anyone? I’ll be back, get out."

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The security footage is creepy!

photo cred: Getty

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