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What To Do With Leftover Halloween Candy

So you and your kids had a successful Halloween night? The trick-or-treating proved bountiful?

What are you going to do with all that candy?

Here are some ideas that don't involve ruining your diet.

DONATE: Many organizations will accept unopened candy and Treats For Troops will send your candy to troops serving abroad! Also, you can contact local charities and food banks.

REPURPOSE: Delish has many great recipes that will turn your Halloween candy into ingredients for other sweet treats. Here is a list of forty different recipes.

FREEZE: While I personally recommend ALWAYS freezing Kit Kats and Reese's, sometimes saving the candy for later in the freezer is a good way to stockpile your Trick-or-treat haul.

REGIFT: The Holidays are right around the corner and a few chocolates here and there would be great additions to gifts or even party favors.

FEED THE OFFICE: One of my personal favorite ideas- bring the candy to the office. Whether you leave it in the break room or in a bowl on your desk, everyone loves the person who brings free candy to work!

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