Matthew McConaughey teams up with Trap Kitchen!

Matthew McConaughey Interviews Trap Kitchen for Wild Turkey & Complex "Talk Turkey" Episode


From the streets of Compton to the kitchen, these celeb chefs lead with conviction. Introducing Talk Turkey episode 1. Trap Kitchen chef's Spank and News sit down and talk about the birth of Trap Kitchen, Gangbanging, Fatherhood, and the overall success of Trap Kitchen.

Matthew McConaughey narrates Complex "The Spirit Of Conviction" - Trap Kitchen


Matthew McConaughey narrates the story of Trap Kitchen founders Spank and News, rival gang members who used a mutual passion for food to create a successful business in Compton. The episode highlights how the entrepreneurs are rewriting their narrative and what happens when people put their differences aside and come together for the greater good of the community.

“The Spirit of Conviction” is a weekly docu-series narrated by Academy Award-winner Matthew McConaughey that dives into the lives of complex individuals who are constantly creating, disrupting, and challenging norms while remaining authentic to who they are.

**Mikey Vegaz, Matthew McConaughey, Chef News, and Chef Spank(pictured above)**