Pudgy The Leprechaun!

Some say he is part leprechaun, part used car salesman. I say, he is all Pudgy. Pudgy knew nothing of his heritage. He guarded a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow much like the other leprechauns he knew. He however, was not like them at all. Pudgy stood 6 feet tall and weighed approximately 250lbs. He was a part of the POGA, (Pot of Gold Alliance) and knew nothing else. The legends surrounding Pudgy's height ranged from his Mother slept with a human man named Steve, to Pudgy crawled out of a meteor that struck the Earth. The one thing people knew for certain was that Pudgy could defend that pot of gold with his life. He is 250lbs and 6 ft tall. Imagine a linebacker dressed as an elf. That is pretty much Pudgy defending a pot of gold.

Much to Pudgy's surprise, he was called by none other than head coach of the New England Patriots, Bill Belichick. Bill received a video showing Pudgy that had gone viral on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. In the video, 5 young men stumbled upon a rainbow. Pudgy's rainbow. The 5 men unknowingly reached the end of the rainbow and there, sitting amongst the vibrant colors was a pot of gold. They quickly snatched the gold thinking nothing of their actions. Little did they know that Pudgy was near. Pudgy charged them with anger and one by one took them to pound town. Pudgy broke the first mans collar bone. He dislodged the next mans front teeth. Pudgy roundhoused the 3rd man and close lined the final two. Pudgy had successfully retrieved his gold. Something that went unnoticed was the NFL scout hiking near by this fight scene. When he saw Pudgy taking on the 5 men he immediately started filming and sent the video straight to Bill Belichick. He then posted it online.

Long story short, Pudgy now plays for the Patriots. The End.