What are some not-so-hot male traits guys actually think are sexy?

Full length of man cleaning bedroom with vacuum cleaner

Ladies, have you ever thought, “why do I even like men?” The Jubal Show discussed a survey asking women “what are some not-so-hot male traits guys actually think are sexy?” 

These are the things you should NEVER do according to women. No matter how sexy you think it is! 

  • Putting on too much cologne, jewelry and/or hair gel. Don’t let any of these accessories back-fire on your next night out. 
  • Not being able to do the basic every-day tasks such as cooking and housework. Fellas, are you looking for a girlfriend or a mother!? 
  • Calling your ex crazy … don’t even go there, not sexy at all! 
  • Male nudity! That’s right … think once and twice (and probably one more time) before sending that picture! Is it worth it!?

If you’re hoping to do things right the next time you take a lucky lady on a date. According to this survey, these are the male-traits that women are actually attracted to!

  • Women are attractive to men that are present, attentive and non judgmental 
  • A good sense of humor is important to women and makes men seem smarter!
  • Apparently women are attracted to older men because they accumulate more resources so the older you look, the better! 

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone that wouldn’t stop talking about their ex? Ladies, what’s not nearly as attractive as guys think it is?