What's Bill Gates' Divorce Lawyers Dirty Little Secret!?

Divorce wedding cake

Jubal Fresh was shocked when he realized Bill Gates’ divorce lawyer was on the phone with a Dirty Little Secret! Taking a break from the most recent split between Bill and Melinda Gates (and their millions of dollars), Bill Gates’ divorce lawyer hopped on the phone to spill some tea of her own. Sorry no juicy details by one of the most expensive divorces here! When she’s not separating billion-dollar shares, Bill Gates’ divorce lawyer likes to showcase her love for soup on Instagram. Through this deliciously soupy Instagram page, she met her crush in the DMS but after a few months of talking her crush doesn’t know a very important detail about her! No catfish here though, just soup with a side of miscommunication. But that wasn’t even half of her Dirty Little Secret! You’ll never guess what happens next. Listen to The Jubal Show below and sound off with your reaction in the comments below!

According to reports, Melinda Gates has been consulting lawyers for two years before they filed for divorce. While it’s still unclear why the marriage she described their marriage as “irretrievably broken,” documents and former employees of the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, source Mr. Gates relationship with sex offender Jefferey Epstein as an issue that may have prompted the split as early as 2013! Read more about Bill Gates’ divorce lawyers HERE. Listen to The Jubal Show below!