Likwid Throat - Long Day

Likwid Throat is quickly becoming the most well known band in the world! Who are they? They ARE music!

After last week when Likwid Throat released their chart topping single, "Billy Boy", things went crazy. The rumors about a possible album drop as well as some crazy collaborations are spreading. Likwid Throat are here to satisfy your sonic needs with ANOTHER HUGE release.

"Long Day" is the latest single coming to your ear holes. They had previously teased this song and it is finally here. Long Day addresses the unspoken truth that is the workplace. Sometimes it can be a hard day at work. Sometimes you need to just get those feelings off your chest. Don't worry, Likwid Throat put those feelings into a song.

You can go checkout "Long Day" as well as other singles on Soundcloud and make sure you hit that follow button!