What happens to couple tattoos after they break up?

Tattoo artist in studio preparing

They say that love makes you do crazy things and we do crazy things for love! Sometimes that comes in the form of a tattoo of a lover's name or even matching tattoos to solidify the relationship. Celebrity couples like Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott who have matching tattoos of butterflies on their hands and Jay Z and Beyonce who have matching wedding ring tattoos, wear matching ink that have stood the test of time. However what happens when that relationship doesn’t last and the love that fueled that tattoo is no more? Ariana Grande, who just married boyfriend of 1-year last week, got multiple matching tattoos with ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson in 2018. Does one keep the tattoo, reminisce about those lovely memories or regret the decision for the rest of their life and remove it. Here’s the story of three lovers that broke-up after getting matching tattoos:

  • Cover or Recycle Tattoo - Madly in love with her boyfriend Lina Abascal and her boyfriend got tattoos of each other's initials after a late-night out. After breaking up six months later, Lina attempted to cover or recycle the “DB” initials with “Hustler Baby”. 
  • Use Tattoo As Lesson- after dating for 5 months at 18-years old Tracey Spangler married her first boyfriend. The married couple got two matching tattoos; an engagement ring that turned green and rockabilly caricatures of each other. When they broke up, he got his cover but she uses hers as a lesson to her children. “This is why you don’t do tattoos of people that you’re dating or married to,” she explained. 
  • Keep Tattoo - After getting matching star and Dexter-inspired tattoos with two past lovers, Michael White often thinks about getting them removed but then reminisces the times and places they represent in his life and doesn’t regret them.

There you have it! If you find yourself getting a tattoo of your latest Tinder match’s name or matching heart-shaped tattoos with the love of your life, you have options! But who says you’ll actually need them? Do you have matching couple tattoos?