Loki: My Thoughts!

Loki on Disney Plus, in my opinion has been one of the greatest creations within the Marvel cinematic universe to date. The acting, the storyline, it is all absolutely amazing. I recommend this show to everyone and anyone. I never really gravitated towards Loki as a character in the movies where he was featured, however, in his stand alone series he has become one of my favorite characters.

Episode 5 was just released and WOAH! That was amazing! I am not going to spoil anything for anyone but the story is completely outrageous and so good. Loki is exploring relationships in depth for the first time ever and he has done so much self reflection, almost to the point where he is a totally different person now. We are reaching what feels like the end of the season and I think next week will be the most satisfying episode so far.

The fact that Loki is alive in this reality is both surreal and frustrating. Marvel has a way of never really killing off any characters which is kind of annoying but after investing time into this series, I am not annoyed at all. Go watch Loki. It is amazing!

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