Breaking News: There's a woman with worse stomach issues than Jubal Fresh!

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This is the Idiot News Network where idiots aren't just in the news, they report the news! For Tuesday May 9th, 2022:

Jubal Fresh reports on a sure place that you'd most likely get that itchy, burning sensation! It's actually what you're thinking too! A report has come out showing the places you are most likely to catch an STD. The first one is New Orleans, cities such as Las Vegas and Salt Lake City to follow. Click here to check out the list of cities you're most likely to catch an STD.

Alex Fresh reports on a sure way NOT to get fans! Find out who and what happened at the Italy open! Denis "bad boy" Shapovalav exploded during his match and told fans to "shut the f*** up." Of course you can click here to watch the freak-out.

Social Media Producer Christian Gray Snow reports on a woman that has worse stomach issues than Jubal Fresh, in every way! A Salt Lake City woman involved in a deadly accident days the reason was uncontrollable pooping, despite history of drunk driving. Click here to read more about this hot mess of a story.

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