Here's What Happens When YOU PLAY TOO MUCH!!!

This is the perfect example of how NOT to prank your parents! A Sacramento girl got more than she bargained for when she jokingly put this sign up while riding in the backseat of her mother's car. Of course, people alerted authorities when reading, "Help me, she's not my mom, help!" So, not one, but SIX CHP units responded and conducted a high-risk traffic stop. Officers made contact with the driver, (MOM) and determined that the child was lying and thought that the hoax was a fun thing to do. NOT FUNNY!!! Naturally, the mother was unaware of what her child was doing in the backseat, and officers determined that there was no foul play, so they were allowed to leave the scene, but not before an officer snapped a picture of the sign. Now, I can tell you with absolute certainty, I would have received an ENTIRE ASS-WHOOPING and put on punishment for the rest of the decade if I did this! What about you?