Get To Know EZ Papi and His Music!

EZ Papi, a Kansas City musician, has released his second album, Trapped Emotions 2 and it's already making waves. The project consists of seven tracks that chronicle the journey of a guy in search of his true love. Throughout the EP, he goes through a rollercoaster of emotions and heartbreaks as a result of dating the wrong ladies, as seen by the outstanding track "Spanish Nights." EZ Papi is an artist to be on watch for, because his sound and unique lyrical subject matter set him apart from the crowd. In addition, he takes influence from Shakespear, making him already a game-changer in the music industry.

“Shakespeare’s work I’ve always been a fan of and appreciated,” EZ said in a recent interview.. “I wanted to create the same heartbreak and romance he had in his work except turning it into a collection of songs.”

On the project, begins to wonder what he actually wants in life as he goes back and forth between love and losing it. Due to the buoyant nature of the Afro-Caribbean flavored beats he sings so effortlessly on, EZ's approach to love and sorrow on the series of songs allows listeners to relate to the substantial substance of each track while yet being joyful in mood. In his own words, Trapped Emotions 2 is the "real definition of Summer album."

Growing up, EZ was known for his laid-back demeanor, and he was always drawn to music and poetry, which he was encouraged to pursue by his instructors, who recognized his ability. The Afro-Caribbean artist's growth is obvious with each new album, having decided to pursue his profession seriously in high school.

“I’m passionate about making music not only because it brings joy but it also can heal and save someone’s life,” he shared. My music is nothing but good energy and dance vibes. So I want to keep spreading good energy around the world.” 

Trapped Emotions 2 is only his second album, after the release of his Dark Fantasies EP earlier this year and the island-inspired single "Go Low" last month. Listeners may expect many more things as a result of his decision to lock in and devote all of his attention to the project, enhancing the listening experience and making the album more pleasurable.

Follow EZ on Instagram @therealezpapi to stay up to speed on his next projects, and stream Trapped Emotions 2 in the meanwhile. There's also a lyric visualizer for "Go Low," which you can check out below.

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