Portland fire crews could see a large column of black smoke as they responded to the fire on Southeast 82nd and Lambert.  When they arrived the one story house was fully ingulfed in flames.  Crews were worried about the fire spreading to other homes because of nearby trees.  They didn't want the trees to catch fire and carry the flames to other houses.  Fortunately that didn't happen.  Crews did have to deal with some power lines falling though.

One man was injured in the fire.  He did make it out of the house but was taken to the Emanuel Burn Center.  It's not known how badly he was hurt.  Before he was taken to the hospital though, he told crews there was drug activity in the basement.  Fire Lieutenant Rich Chatman says there was no meth lab in the basement, but investigators are still trying to determine what kind of drugs were involved.  He says they are sure it led to the start of the fire.

In addition to the fire, crews had to deal with an equipment failure on one of their newer ladder trucks. Lt. Chatman says on the way to the fire, a front tire fell off.  Neighbors heard a loud boom and saw the truck sitting in the middle of the road without a front tire.  Maintenance and safety inspectors are checking out the vehicle.  The maintenance manager says in his 20-plus years on the job, he's never seen anything like this.  No one on board the truck was hurt.