The family of 29-year-old Kyle Peterson continues to hold out hope, even though they haven't found any concrete information as to where he is.  He was last seen Monday night after he crashed his jeep in Troutdale.  His family hired a professional search team with two search dogs.  The dogs indicated there are human remains in the Sandy River, but they were not recovered, therefore it can't be determined if they are the remains of Peterson.  His mother Lynn Bauer tells KEX News that the team with International K-9 Search and Rescue Services told her there is a 3% chance Kyle is not in the water.

Bauer is not giving up though and she has coordinated a search party for Saturday, March 1st.  If people want to help, they are encouraged to meet at the Troutdale Market Center on the corner of SE Stark and Troutdale Road at 10 am.  Volunteers must be 18 or older.

Peterson crashed his jeep Monday night on SE 35th and SE Stark.  Troutdale police responded and said Peterson was out of the jeep, talking to an officer, when he abruptly turned and walked into the woods.  Police didn't follow him because the terrain is quite dangerous and steep.  They did bring out K-9 searchers, who found no sign of the man.