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Kelly Clarkson is defending fellow pop singer P!nk, who is catching heat for the open letter she posted earlier this week in response to some angry fans.  Pink was forced to cancel a show in England last month due to illness, and when some ticket buyers didn't react well, she posted a message on Facebook blasting the small minority of haters. 

In it, she said she shouldn't have to worry about fans who turn on her "like rabid dogs" and question the "moral fabric" of her character.  Kelly agrees. 

She posted a message on her "WhoSay" page, saying she was tired of seeing the public criticize P!nk for speaking out.  She wrote sarcastically to Pink, "how dare you only work 364 days this year. I can't believe you got sick.  That never happens to anyone." 

Kelly urged people to "relax" about Pink's letter, reminding them that "we're all human." 

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