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(Yahoo!) - A giant neon wagon wheel, hay bales and blindingly rhinestoned nudie suits? It's "Miley Cyrus: Unplugged" y'all! Despite the franchise's reputation for calming acoustic sets, Miley didn't calm it down one bit. One hundred or so fans, friends and press gathered at Sunset Gower Studios in Hollywood on Tuesday night to watch the Queen of Obscene. She brought her usual posse with her, in addition to none other than the former Queen of Obscene, Madonna. It was a true passing of the torch, if you could pass a torch with a butt grab. But more on that later.

As 'smilers' sat glued to the television for the airing of her performance Wednesday night, they enjoyed a little trip to Cyrus's home in Nashville, Tennessee with the Western hoedown-themed set. Miley's partners joined her on stage: Amazon Ashley (her 6'7'' twerk teacher) in red gingham Western wear, one of her little person back-up dancers in a matching gingham jumpsuit and pointy boobs worthy of Madonna, and a two male dancers in a classic horse costume.

When Cyrus kicked off the show, she was hoofing it like Yosemite Sam in her own skin-tight red gingham jumpsuit decked out with rhinestones-a-plenty, a little grey Chanel purse, a blonde bob wig, topped off with a white rhinestoned cowboy hat that was a personal gift from Madonna. Country shuffles, banjo ditties and her even more pronounced Southern accent highlighted the first few songs. But she didn't let the hoedown theme stop her from grinding on that horse, grabbing her chest and sticking her butt in every direction.

If there's anything Cyrus kept from her Disney days, it's her ability to ham it up harder than a pig farm.

She later changed into an oversized, shredded denim jacket, jeans and bikini top that was even more bedazzled and sequined than the last. Between songs she complained of sweating, prompting a cameraman to sigh to himself, "Then take your sweater off, girl." Unaware of the comment, she didn't take off her jacket, saying, "I already tried that on MTV, didn't go so well. Actually it went really well... You can look at life one way or the other; half-naked or half-clothed."

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