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(Yahoo!) - Whether you love One Direction or hate them, you have to admit the Brit boy band's members are masters at pulling pranks. 

Back in August, Louis Tomlinson even told the Daily Star that the group would love to do their own prank show, similar to MTV's "Punk'd" in the U.S. and "Beadle's About" in the U.K. 

"We want to do a TV prank show like that new one on BBC Three," Tomlinson said. "It was funny and full of practical jokes. We would like to do a show that prank celebrities." 

Here's a look at some of 1D's greatest pranks. 

In this video, the boys pretend to be their wax likenesses at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in London and freak out some fans when they come to life. 

Hang in there for this vertical, fan-shot clip. The quality isn't great, but at about the 47-second mark you'll catch Louis pantsing Niall Horan while he's waiting at the counter for his KFC. Guess Niall ordered a side of embarrassment. 

In this clip, Louis and Zayn Malik prank the rest of the boys in the band by having a Nickelodeon producer pretend she's going into labor. 

In this video, Harry and Louis play Jerky Boys and prank 118, the British equivalent of 411. 

In this clip, which was used at the opening of the band's Take Me Home World Tour, the boys go undercover for some kicks. Louis is disguised as an obese man, complete with a neck brace and orange baseball cap offering free hugs. Harry Styles and Zayn are made up as an elderly couple, holding up traffic as they cross the street until they break into a shocking sprint, and Niall dresses as a hairy busker playing a punked up version of "What Makes You Beautiful."

The band also went undercover in their official video for "Best Song Ever" with Harry as Marcel the marketing guy,Liam Payne as Leeroy the choreographer, Zayn as a woman, and Niall as movie mogul Harvey. 

Sometimes One Direction aren't the ones pulling the pranks. The British comedy duo Ant and Dec pranked the boys back in March when they pretended to be the band's biggest fans and pretended to have a medical emergency. Ant told the Evening Standard, "Dec dressed up as one called Jack from New Zealand and I was Ben, a TV host from there… introduced him to the group — and the meeting didn’t go as planned. But they fell for it. I faked an asthma attack. They panicked and I hyperventilated... They called medical emergencies. It was such fun and they fell for it.” 

The boys' crew recently got into the act, throwing cakes and pies into their faces at their show in Melbourne at the conclusion of the band's cover of Wheatus' "Teenage Dirtbag." What better way to top of a show.

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