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Maarten Hoogstraten and Paul Baumer have been rattling the world, as Bingo Players, with their addicting music. Having created some major dance music hits, playing at the biggest festivals across the globe, and running their label Hysteria, Paul and Maarten have proven their drive and passion for what they do.

Recently announced that Paul has been diagnosed with cancer, Maarten has been playing all of their gigs. These guys are amazing, and they never let their fans down, which is why they have such a loyal fanbase behind them 100%.

We got to hang out with Maarten at Electric Zoo in New York City. He talked to us about their single "Buzzcut," the video for the track, revealed a new talent on Hysteria Records, and gave us an update on Paul. Check it out:

Over the summer you put on Bingo Beach at Governor's Island. How was that for you guys, and how do you like playing in New York City?

New York has a special place in my heart. We played Roseland Ballroom before and Governor's Island, our own party. That was, so amazing. Like 3 or 4 thousand people just for me, and the supporting acts, and it was amazing. It was heart-warming to see all the people come out and have a good time. So, it was crazy. 

Tell us about "Buzzcut?"

It's hard to tell where it started. We just always start with a melody, and it took off from there. We tweaked it a lot, and it was one of the songs we worked on the most from all the songs we did. It took like four, five weeks even to get to "1, 2, 3 Go!" vocal, it took a week. It sounds stupid but you have to get the right vocal for it, you know? And then [we] released it and it went top 10 on billboards. Really happy with it!

Before you released your official video for it, you had the promo video with Melanie Iglesias!

Yeah, [it was] really cool. To be honest, it was not our idea.  Our management came [up] with it, "We have this hot chick who can star in the promo video for, for 'Buzzcut.'" And we were like, sure do it!

The official video that you released recently, is amazing! 

We wrote out a contest for people on our Facebook to make a video for "Buzzcut." And, with a prize, of course, money prize. And we saw this one and we thought it was the best one. Although we got like many cool videos. But this one was just the best. And yeah, it was really funny. So, we completely let other people think about the concept for the video. So, that was really cool.

[Buy "Buzzcut" on Beatport]

How is Hysteria doing?

Really good. We've been putting more time into the label and it really pays off because all the talent we find right now, we like get like two or three hundred demos a day. We try to pick out the best talent, and we signed a lot of tracks for this year. Some of them already gone in the top 10 of Beatport! And people never heard of the artist. It's one of the things we are really happy about. To give new talent a chance to release their songs, because it's really hard nowadays to get your music out there. We are basically doing the same, what labels did  with us five years ago. Had trust in us, trusted our music. We do the same now for other people and it feels really satisfying to do so.

So you're signing a lot of new talent to Hysteria?

Yeah. More and more. Each week we find a new talent. We just signed this 16 year old kid from, I think he's from France. And he's making amazing music and he's only 16. 

Well, we are thinking of Paul, and wish him all the best. How is he doing?

He's doing well. He feels good, he's positive. That's one of the most important things you know. He can do some studio work. And he does some office stuff, like doing mails and, is involved with Hysteria Records. But, it's too hard for him to tour right now. So I'm doing all the shows by myself, and hopefully one day he feels good enough to say, "Hey let's go back on the road again."  He's still in treatment. But he's looking good. And he's positive you know, that's one of the things I'm happy about. He's not depressed or like, you know how people can get when you get that bad kind of news. But yeah, he's doing well.

Since we're at Electric Zoo, if you were an animal, what would you be?

I really like iguanas! I like those animals. So yeah, an iguana maybe. 

Photo Credit Rachel Kaplan for iHeartRadio