Playlist - Sunday - 7/6/14


G-Eazy - I Mean It

Mak Billionz - That Was Me

Sleep Bandana - What You Want

Cool Nutz - Married To This

Jeezy feat. Jay Z - Seen It All

J - Naz  - Deep Cover

T Dot Tyme feat 6ix - Portland

Luck One feat Propane LV - Chalk Em Out

Rose City Gang - DABs

Havi J feat Young Dro - Leanin

Scrips feat Stack The Rapper - I'm OUt

Drake - 0 to 100

Drae Steves feat Mikey Vegaz and LC Jetson - My Own Lane

Vinnie Dewayne - Peaks And Valleys



Busta Rhymes feat Eminem - Calm Down

Wiz Khalifa feat Rick Ross, Schoolboy Q, and Nas - Dem Boyz(Remix)

Lil Wayne - Krazy

Ty Dolla $$ feat Weeknd and Wiz Khalifa - Or Nah(Remix)

Yung Mil - Gimmie That

Maniac Lok - Baby Come Here

Mikey Vegaz feat FliBoiMoe and AOB - Back 2 Ballin

Meezilini - Gasoline

Lil Wayne feat Drake - Believe Me

Mic Capes - Jansport

Monsta - Ridin Wit Me

Third - Hiccup

TS - Early Mornings

Libretto - Volume 



Rapture - 4 The Kids

Ray Ray feat. J-Naz and Emanuel - To The Top

Common feat Vince Staples - Kingdom

Iamsu feat Sage The Gemini and 2Chainz - Only That Real

B.Cole feat Childsplay - Swervin 

Boss Don - Kush In My Cigarillo

Frank Lok - Wake Up And Move

Juma Blaq feat Mistah Fab - Lil Bit Extra

Kenny Kingpin - HOPE

Kenny Mack - No Problems

Prince Charmn - Critics Envy

Stackwell - Drive U Krazy

Casey Flaig - Dont Waste Your Time